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My name is Sheridan Ripley. I have always loved all things pregnancy, birth and babies. Even when I was in high-school I would cut class and go to the library to read pregnancy books) As a DONA certified doula, I assist women and their partners during their birthing time. Being a Hypnobabies Instructor is exciting and I am happy to have found something to help me share my passion for childbirth with others!

From my personal experience and from assisting moms during their births, I know hypnosis can benefit moms during their pregnancy and their birth... as well as after. I am a mom to three boys! Devon, my first son, was a preemie, born by an emergency c-section. My other two boys were both VBACs (vaginal birth after cesarean) - with Carson I used one type of hypnosis for childbirth method, HypnoBirthing but ended up choosing an epidural after losing focus ; but I used Hypnobabies for Bryson and was comfortable with no medication at all. (click on their names to read their birth stories)

I know first-hand that it is possible to have a pain free un-medicated birth using Hypnobabies.

No, I don't have a high pain tolerance. No, I am not someone lucky enough to have easy labors. Once I was a mom yelling at the dad, begging for an epidural due to pain during one of my births....

With the right tools, information and practice anyone can benefit from hypnosis for childbirth!

I completed Doula training through DONA. It was interesting watching the Natural Childbirth videos. Then I asked to share the video of Bryson's birth. It was a VERY different feeling, peaceful and calm and enjoyable. Natural Childbirth does not have to be painful! What a wonderful revelation. You can enjoy your babies birth in comfort.

Click hereto see Bryson's birth video .

Angela Larson - Independent Contractor

Hypno-mama of 5 beautiful girls and Hypnobabies instructor and doula. My passion is teaching expecting parents all about the in and outs of comfortable childbirth. After having successful Hypnobabies births myself I couldn't help but to go out and empower other woman.

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