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Birth Rehearsal Ideas

During birth rehearsals I have birth partner do something with each pretend pressure wave, with moms trying different positions.

Mom should have 2 pretend pressure waves in each of these positions:

Sitting in supported position.
Sitting on Birth Ball
Walking – during pressure wave lean on birth partner or wall
Laying down

Birth Partner should do at least one of each:

relax cue
release cue
short script excerpts (back of quick reference guide)
rub back

Other Birth Partner Tips for Birth Rehearsal

After each pressure wave saying "good job mom" is nice.

Offer water between each pressure wave as well.

Another thing I have Birth Partner’s practice is asking if you want to change positions, they say, "ok after the next wave" Then they help you move as quickly as possible to the new position right after the next wave ends. Not too important when waves are 10 minutes apart, but during transformation, very important!

Should the Birth Partner be active with every wave?

During the birth rehearsal, I say yes. More bang for your buck. Or more wise use of your time.

During the actual birth, it will depend on what you want and need. I think a safe answer is they need to be prepared to be a participant at any moment. But also know that early in your birthing time they may just be sitting around. It was funny at one of the recent births I attended as a hypno-doula, the mom wanted to just rest and listen to fear release out loud. Dad and I sat nearby and we were both dozing off. ?

During a birthing time Birth Partners tend to only jump in if needed. I tell my moms that if they are in their birthing time and feel like they need something more, they just have to say "more" and Birth partner should take that as a cue to step it up a notch.

Birth Partner can do MORE by

Put on a CD if one isn't on
or do the relax cue at the beginning of a pressure wave
or if he has been doing the relax cue, start the mini scripts during the pressure wave... etc.

This way during your birthing time, you will let him know if you need more and he will have ideas what to do and some practice doing them!