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Luke's Birth
(Kate and Paul)
written by me after talking with parents, then they added things to what I wrote and gave me permission to share. 

At about 8pm on Monday night, Kate had liquidy/bloody discharge. She called the doctor but did not receive a call back. While waiting for the return call, she and Paul listened to the Fear Release CD together. Around 1am, Kate decided to call the doctor’s service again. This time the doctor called back within 15 minutes and told her to go to Labor and Delivery to have the fluid checked. (Kate was Group B Strep positive and the doctor wanted her to start antibiotics as soon as she began losing any amniotic fluid.) She was sent home from the hospital around 4am due to “no progress” and the fluid was negative for being amniotic.

The following morning, Paul decided to go to work, but returned home around noon with a feeling that he should be home with Kate. Coincidentally, pressure waves stared around noon. Prior to that, Kate had been having menstrual-like cramping and was still having discharge. When Paul arrived home, he set Kate up with what they thought was the Your Birth Day CD, only to discover that it was the wrong CD! He left to go exchange CDs with their instructor and Kate listened to Your Special Place and Fear Release. When Paul returned, Kate baked pumpkin bread and brownies for the nursing staff. Paul began reading the short scripts during pressure waves and Kate did a lot of rocking and hip swaying, while laying her head on the cool countertop in the kitchen.

Around 4pm, the pressure waves began to get a little stronger and more regular, so Paul began to time them. They weren’t at 411 yet, so Kate listened to the Your Birth Day CD and continued to rock/walk around the house.

At 6pm. Kate had a bowl of vegetable soup, stopping to breathe through the waves. She and Paul took a walk outside. It was a beautiful evening.

At 9pm, Kate listened to Deepening and was able to take a nap.

At 11pm, the pressure waves reached a new level of intensity and woke her up from her nap. Paul began timing the waves again. They were at 411, sometimes 2-3 minutes apart. Paul called the doctor’s service and told them they were on the way back to the hospital. Kate took a shower, got dressed and off they went. In the car, they listened to Birth Day Affirmations.

Around 1am they got to the hospital. Kate was checked and she was 2.5 cm. The nurse read through their birth plan and explained why she could/could not do some of the things they’d requested. She was nice, but not very supportive of the hypnosis program. Since Kate was only 2.5 cm, she couldn’t officially be admitted. However, due to the Group B Strep positive status, the doctor on call wanted Kate put on an IV as soon as possible. The nurse allowed Kate to walk around for an hour and a half to try to get to 4cm. Kate listened to a CD and walked around the hospital room.

3:30am, Kate was checked again and had progressed to 3.5 cm. She was admitted and the nurse had her fill out the paperwork for an epidural because “she’d probably want it and wouldn’t want to take the time to fill out the paperwork later.” The OB on call wanted Kate on an IV instead of heplock, despite her OB/GYN agreeing to a heplock on the birth plan. The on call doctor also wanted Kate on Continuous Fetal Monitoring so Kate was in bed for the remainder of her birthing time.

By 4am, all the paperwork was signed and Kate had lost focus because of the nurse’s attitude. She was very uncomfortable during pressure waves and was gripping the rail of the bed through each pressure wave. Between 4-5:15am, she was disappointed and feared that she “couldn’t do it”. Paul continued to read her the short scripts and tried to get her back into hypnosis. Kate was having a lot of pressure low in her pelvis. Finally, her water broke around 5:15am and then she felt less intensity with each pressure wave and was more comfortable, but still experiencing discomfort.

At 7 am, the nursing staff shift changed. When the new nurse entered the room, Kate was throwing up bile and experiencing very strong pressure waves. She could hear the first nurse telling the new nurse, “last time we checked her she was 3.5 cm…first-time mom…it was going to be a long day." In hindsight, they were totally ignoring the signs of transformation taking place in front of them.

Once the first nurse left the room, the new nurse read the birth plan, asked what class they had taken and was very interested in Hypnobabies. She talked with Paul about what he was doing to help Kate relax and gave him some tips to help Kate regain her focus. Paul started talking to Kate about her special place and Kate got back into hypnosis and was COMFORTABLE! (It turned out she was in transformation, so Kate went from discomfort because she was fighting against the pressure waves to comfort by getting back in hypnosis and relaxing through the pressure waves DURING transformation! It is never too late to get refocused!)

Paul could see on the monitor a difference in her pressure waves between being tense and relaxed. When Kate was tense, the waves were showing up very jagged with high peaks and not very low valleys. When she was relaxed, they were in more of a smooth pattern, with distinct peaks and valleys. The only way he could tell Kate was having a pressure wave by looking at her was her breathing would slow down.

Between 7:45-8am the nurse said she needed to do internal monitoring of the baby because they couldn’t find his heartbeat on the external monitor. After a momentary discussion, Kate and Paul gave the go ahead. While inserting the monitor, the nurse checked her dilation for the first time since 3am - Kate was almost complete, with just a lip left! The nurse asked if Kate felt like pushing, she said she did and the nurse sprang into action, getting the equipment set up for delivery and calling Kate’s doctor.

Paul kept talking to Kate about her special place keeping her calm, focused and comfortable.

The nurse was on the phone with Kate’s doctor, telling her to get to the hospital for delivery, but after about 30 minutes of waiting to push, Kate simply had to push. The nurse said, "I can catch this baby if I need to."

Kate began pushing, laying on her side. The nurse did perineal massage to avoid tearing. At about 8:55am, the nurse grabbed the doctor on call from the room next door, saying “this baby is coming now!” The doctor put Kate in the stirrups and had her “count” during pushing. Kate tried to avoid “purple pushing” and to AHHHH breathe the baby out, but it was difficult with so many voices telling her to do otherwise.

Lucas Christopher was born at 9:11am. The cord was around his neck twice. They cut it off immediately and took him to the warmer for a minute or two. He had Apgar scores of 8 and 9. Once he started to cry, they brought him directly to mom’s chest where he stayed for almost two hours. Mom had two tears that needed to be stitched up, but otherwise had no problems. Even the most skeptical of their friends and family commented on and was amazed by how great she looked after delivery and how quickly she was back to normal. Lucas’ birth was a transformative experience for both of his parents. Paul felt like a true partner and like part of the process from start to finish.

Kate and Paul are looking forward to using hypnosis for their next birth.