An inspiring Birth Video of a Hypnobabies Birth!

This mom used the Hypnobabies Home Study and ideas from Ina May’s book to have this beautiful birth!

You can read here story here!


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4 Comments on “An inspiring Birth Video of a Hypnobabies Birth!

  1. This is very beautiful!! What is the name of the song? I would love to get the guitar chords!

  2. This is so inspirational. I’m planning a Hypnobabies birthing experience and I love to sing, it’s so relaxing. I feel like you’ve opened up a whole new bag of tricks for me to use during our Birthing Day! thanks and congrats!

  3. Inspiring and makes me work even harder to do what I do, which is help moms to learn singing techniques while they are pregnant.

    Seems to me the Hypnobabies work and SingBabySing are related to one another!

    Would love to correspond with you.

    Joy Sikorski

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