Oprah had Dr. Brian Weiss on her show yesterday. He’s a psychologist who uses hypnosis in his practice. He’s also the author of “Many Lives, Many Masters” which tells the story of the first of his patient’s to spontaneously experience a past life regression while in hypnosis. Dr. Weiss didn’t believe in past lives prior to this event and his patient didn’t believe in such things either. He’s utilized this hypnosis technique with very many more of his patients since, and now, Dr. Weiss regularly uses regression to heal his patients of psychological symptoms in this lifetime that might have begun in past lives.
Dr. Weiss hypnotized Oprah’s entire audience today in an attempt to regress them to prior lives. Now whether or not you believe in such things…the fact is that they are sharing WHAT hypnosis IS and IS NOT on OPRAH, and talking about hypnosis as a normal daily event that we all experience!

(personally I don’t believe in past lives, though I do believe we may carry some of the emotional baggage our ancestors have ‘passed on’ to us)  BUT I am so excited to see hypnosis explained to mainstream America.  I want to see this built upon.  I guess hypnosis was even mentioned on House last night.  Having experienced the power of hypnosis in my last 2 pregnancies and births, I want ALL moms to know this is an option.  Please help spread the word.
We all need to bombard Oprah ASAP with requests to have a show featuring hypnosis for childbirth while she is open to the idea of hypnosis being a normal useful mental tool.
PLEASE go to the link below to fill in their form to submit your suggestion that they have a show about hypnosis for childbirth.   If you have used hypnosis for pregnancy or birth, share your experience.   Let them know which progam you used.  If you think it is interesting, express your desire to learn more. 


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  2. I’d love to see Oprah do a birth show, period.

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