Great awesome Big Baby Vaginal Birth Story

The baby was 11 pounds 5 ounces, the mom was attended by a midwife in a hospital setting and everyone was nervous because of the baby’s size, the midwife talks about her fear of shoulder distocia, but the birth goes wonderfully,  everyone stayed calm and encouraging, which I think led a lot to a positive outcome. 

I am going to add this link to my Big Baby Bull Page.  To inspire moms who are scared by their care providers that their baby will be “too big” 

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  1. My little 11-fiver turns six months in a few days! Big babies rock.

    Had her in the tub… first squatted her head out, then stood and brought the rest of her into the world.

  2. tcgough007

    I had a 10 lbs 3 oz baby, and a 10 lbs 8 oz bay both with hypnobabies and no problem. I really like your Big Baby Bull page. I just started a blog on my thoughts on Hypnobabies if you want to link to it, that would be great! I’m going to be on the hypnobabies radio show in a month or so. I think you are awesome! Here’s my link:

  3. SOOO needed to read this! Just got back from midwife appointment. I’m 41 weeks and two days and baby’s estimated weight is 10 lbs. 12 oz.

    The midwife told me that she had to inform me about the risks of should dystocia so I’ve been looking this up and learning about the unreliability of ultrasounds to predict weight and how weight is only one factor in dystocia. Right now my plan is to hope I go into labor before 42 weeks. I’m not sure how far beyond 42 weeks to go…but I’m hoping that I don’t have to make that call.

    Thanks for all the great information!

  4. Hi! Thanks again for keeping such an encouraging blog and for the supportive e-mail. Although I opted for the epidural, I had a vaginal birth of my big baby. I posted about his delivery on my blog.

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