I have been lucky to have 2 positive hospital births, as a doula I have seen some good hospital births where mom was supported and treated with respect and some where mom wasn’t. 

Part of the problem with a hospital birth, is you don’t necessarily know if your doctor will be on call and you don’t know what the nurse you will get will be like.  Having a supportive care provider and being treated with respect can make such a huge difference in a mother’s birth experience. 

Here is a wonderful VBAC story where an anesthesiologists support and some good nurses really made a difference in this mom having her VBAC. 

Here is a sad story from a Nurses view point where she saw a mom not getting the support she deserved during a birth.  How could a women feel good about her birth after being treated like that?

There are no guarantees that if you pick a midwife for a homebirth you will be treated better, unless you really TALK to your careprovider and let her know what you need and want and see if she can give it to you.  I guess I am just saying, you still need to do your homework whether you have a hospital or homebirth.

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  1. I read in one of my natural childbirth books (A Good Birth, A Safe Birth I think) that anyone working in L&D cannot have the luxury of having a bad day. The stakes are too high.

    Just like you mentioned in one of your earlier posts. Someone had probably just yelled at that nurse before she yelled at you…and the damage lingered for years. I’m so sorry.


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