Would you have the guts to  Fire your OB during your birth?  This mom did and it made a huge outcome in her birth. 

She wanted a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean)  her OB seemed on board during the pregnancy and early in her birthing time.  But when things were not progressing “fast enough” for him he tried to pressure the parents into interventions that they did not want.   

Mom was ok and Baby was ok.  So they refused and finally asked for a new care provider.

Mom ended up having her vaginal birth with a healthy baby! 

Yay for mom for trusting her intuition and firing the unsupportive OB and getting one who was supportive to help her finish her birthing time.

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  1. Wow!! She has some kind of strength to do that!! now… how, exactly, would you word that kind of a request?? Without, you know, sounding like a witch and making the whole place mad at you, which is not what a woman in labor needs either…?

    Is there a tactful way to fire your doctor, or do you just go for it and not worry about tactful??

  2. I think if I was in that position I would just go for it. I don’t think there is a tactful way to do that. 😉

  3. I had to do that…well, actually, I had my husband do it …I was busy in laborland. After having the doctor attempt to push intervention and intervention on us and ultimately threatening a c-section (all of which were completely unnecessary), we finally asked that she leave and that a midwife be sent in. Next time I’ll just skip the OB and hospital go straight for the midwife and birthcenter or home birth.

  4. WOW! That’s ballsy! And yeah, I don’t think I could muster the energy to be nice….I would just kick him in the head and scream “GTFO!” or something to that effect. 😉 Good for her…and I’m glad she got the birth she wanted!

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