I found an interesting e-book about Social Leadership at The Social Leader.   I went to a Thomas Jefferson Education conference last weekend, because I have been homeschooling Carson for a few months and may pull Devon out next year.  Anyway, they were talking about Social Leadership and how we need more leaders in our country.  Not the BIG leaders that are famous, but us, normal people who help others.

This e-book talks about the six pillars of Social Leadership.  S-submission O-Oneness C-Calling I-Integral Education A-Action L-Liberty.

I of course read it with my family and birth in mind.  (I have a one tracked mind apparantly, or I guess 2 tracked)

Submission to a higher power.  I feel this, certainly as a mother and in being a doula.  I love feeling that God is there to help me in all I do.  I don’t talk about faith with my clients unless they bring it up.  But I certainly pray before every birth I attend.  I pray and ask God to send me couples who will benefit from my Hypnobabies Classes.  I feel His hand guiding me along in all things.

Oneness- We are all connected.  I have a great sense of community in the online birthing world.  (I am not sure what else to call it)  I love that there are women sharing the power of birth with other women all over the world!

Calling- I certainly feel like it is my calling to work with pregnant couples.  I am not sure all that I will be called to do as I follow this path, but I know even the little things make a big difference.

Integral Education – Talks about going back to the classics, asking important questions and thinking!  What do you feel are some good birth classics?

Action- DO something!  It is one thing to feel you have a calling and educate yourself, but if you do nothing, then it won’t help anyone.  I don’t think you have to do something GRAND to make a difference, just do something.  Last year I wrote my goals for 2008 on my blog.  I didn’t learn about Essential Oils, but I did everything else. 

I have some goals for this year. 

  • Do a give away on the Hypnobabies Blog
  • 200th post by June 1st
  • Teach 6 Hypnobabies Classes (at least 20 couples)
  • Attend 3 great births

I have done a give away.  I have 193 posts.  I have taught 3 Hypnobabies classes with a total of 6 couples.  I have attended 2 great births and have one mom due the end of April.  So I am well on my way to accomplishing my birth goals for this year.

Liberty – I believe that moms should be free to make the choices that are best for them and their babies.  Not be scared into or forced into choices!  Give them information and let them choose!

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  1. Liberty – I believe that moms should be free to make the choices that are best for them and their babies. Not be scared into or forced into choices! Give them information and let them choose!

    Love your closing words!!! This, I feel, is the most empowering aspect of childbirth. I’ve learned things I NEVER considered and am amazed how readily our society accepts what is fed to us about birth. How wonderful it is for women who want to know their options and give birth in a time proven way!!

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