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June 10, 2009 in Hypnobabies

I love numbers.  So I keep statistics of my students births and my doula clients births.

Of course they are so much more than numbers to me (especially my doula clients, when I am at their births and see how amazing they do).

Here is a run down of 3 years of teaching Hypnobabies.  So these are all of my students.

I have taught 43 couples.

Cesarean rate 11.5%  (if I take out my 2 VBAC moms who were undermined by their OBs it is 7.5%)  WAY better than the national of 30%.  The power of education!

The rest of the statistics don’t include the cesarean moms.

So of the moms who had vaginal births looking at epidural/un-medicated:

75% un-medicated
25% epidural (all but one had pitocin)

So of the moms who had vaginal births with NO Pitocin (30 moms) looking at epidural/un-medicated:

97% un-medicated
3% epidural 1 mom baby born 20 min later.

Stats of vaginal birth moms regarding comfort:

44% comfortable
24% comfortable with manageable discomfort during transformation
32% discomfort during active birthing time

Just because I was curious I did comfort stats of vaginal birth moms who had NO pitocin:

52% comfortable
28% comfortable with manageable discomfort during transformation
20% discomfort during active birthing time

What can you learn from this?

Hypnobabies works! 68% comfortable births and 80% of moms with no pitocin were comfortable.

The moms who had discomfort had a reason; posterior baby, malpositioned baby, SPD or pitocin.

The education moms get about normal birth and the pros and cons of intervention helps them to make positive choices.  The relaxation and hypnosis tools helps them to stay comfortable and reprogam their minds about birth.  These things together help moms avoid cesareans, unless they are truly medically needed!  These things also help moms stay comfortable during their birth and give them tools to manage any discomfort they do have.

Also, when possible let your birthing time begin on its own.  If you choose to be induced, know you can still do it un-medicated!  I have seen it done!  :)

4 moms who had comfortable births did have pitocin.  They really were active in monitoring how quickly the nurse turned the pitocin up.  Slower is better.  The nurses like to turn it up every 20 minutes.  This isn’t a race to see how quickly we can force the baby out.

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