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July 9, 2009 in Birth, Birth Stories, Cesarean, Childbirth Education, Doula

There has been a big rumbling going through the internet about this topic.  About doctors who encourage using pitocin until the baby is in distress.  Some feel it is a way for OBs to create a need for a cesarean.      Some feel it is a way to just get the babies out quicker so the OB can go home. 

I did have a friend who was getting induced with her 3rd baby.  She went in at 7 AM, her OB said, we are going to get this kid born by lunchtime.  Indeed he was.  She got her epidural and they cranked the pit and BAM he was born. 

I don’t really care what the reasoning behind “pitting to distress” is.  I just want moms to know that they have the right to say NO to upping the pit every 15 minutes!  I always tell my Hypnobabies moms, if you choose to be induced, be proactive!  Tell the OB you want the pitocin upped slowly.  Tell the nurse too.  THEN, Watch the nurse like a hawk, they will come in and turn it up without telling you what they are doing.    

It isn’t a race to get the baby out.  If it takes 12 hours or 24 hours, it doesn’t matter.  If baby and you are fine, then there is not a rush.  BUT if they crank up the pit, then baby AND you probably won’t be feeling fine, or looking good. 

If you communicate with your nurse and let her know you want it moved up slowly and to stop turning it up if you get a good pattern, you have a partner in avoiding “pitting to distress”  Your nurse can be on your side.  BUT you need to continue to be proactive in watching her and asking her questions and asking for what you want.

So far all the nurses I have doula’d with during inductions have been really helpful with this, which is great.   But I think of ALL the moms who go into an induction without a doula or without even knowing they have a choice in how fast they up the pitocin.  I am sure all get pit to distress or at least pit to the max, which they are just lucky enough it doesn’t cause distress.

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