Why does your OB matter?

September 9, 2009 in Birth, Birth Care Provider, Choose Wisely

I came across 5 blog posts lately that really hit home the importance of choosing your careprovider carefully!

What does your care provider really think about informed consent?  Do you think this could effect your choices?  This is a scary post showing what many care providers think about your ability to gather information and make a good choice.   (thanks reality rounds for sharing this)

For every mom – where an OB is trained can have a huge effect on their beliefs about birth.  The training of OBs in this country is not leading to evidence based care.  CHOOSE WISELY the care provider you want to attend your birth!

I find L&D nurse blogs very informative as well.  People who work daily in labor and delivery see what really goes on.  What OBs think about birth and how women are treated.  I love this post about what one woman saw in a 7 hour shift.

VBAC moms especially have to take care!

Some OBs will say they are VBAC friendly, but in the end they prove they are not!

Some OBs just use Scare Tactics to prevent moms from even trying for a VBAC.   I loved these posts covering some common scare tactics.

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