It is sad to me how many OBs will scare their patients into repeat cesareans.  They are not honest with the real risks of VBAC.  I want OBs to be honest about the risks and then let the mom choose what is best for her.

They should also be honest if the real reason they don’t support VBAC is because their insurance or the hospitals insurance won’t allow it, instead of scaring the mom into it.  Then if mom still wants a VBAC, refer her to an OB and hospital which will support it.

The statistical risk of tragic outcomes from a VBAC due to uterine rupture is EXTREMELY small.

Uterine rupture that actually causes perinatal morality has a probability of 0.00046. That is, by all measures, extremely, extremely rare. Also, all causes of perinatal mortality for VBAC were identical to perinatal mortality risk for a first time vaginal delivery.

Make your choice based on facts, not fear.

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  1. AMEN! I applaud all mamas who stick to their guns and get the VBAC they want!

  2. I am 38 years old and pregnant with my 4th child. My prior delivery of twins (6 years earlier) was by c-section. My doctor is now urging me to deliver this baby by c-section by using fear tactics. I wanr to have a normal birth and now feel as if my reasons are selfish. The birth of my first child went extremely well. Meaning no pain, epidural at the very last moment just in case and no need for an episiotomy. Although I was in the hospital for over a week for the birth of my twins, the only discomfort I felt was the absence of the comforts of my own home. Again there was no pain medication provided for contractions and the healing process for the c-section went well outside of the fact that I was a single mother, medicated and trying to tend to a set of twins alone. My reasoning for wanting this birth to be a vaginal one stems mostly from wanting our last child to be a typical child-birthing experience. I want to experience my water breaking, (call me crazy) the pain from contractions and my husband and family there holding my hand coaching me throught the delivery. I want my child’s birth date to be determinded by fate not my doctor’s schedule. My c-section scar is transverse and my previous OB told me that he cut and stitched me in order to accomodate a vbac. Although this doctor is in the same office as my current obstertrician, he no longer practices obstetrics. am I being selfish, should I consider changing doctors. I am 13 weeks pregnant.

    enjoybirth Reply:

    Find a new care provider ASAP and go for it! is a great resource.

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