It doesn’t get any better than this!  🙂

Mariana was planning a VBA2C and used Hypnobabies to help prepare.  She hired a doula and was planning to birth at a hospital 30 minutes away that allowed VBACs.  Because she was so relaxed her doula didn’t realize she was so far along and they had to go to the hospital 5 minutes away and the baby was born 30 minutes later.  Vaginally at this hospital which prohibits VBACs. Maybe that was because there wasn’t time for them to figure that out!

You can read the whole story yourself at The Crafty Work At Home Momma!

This is also a nice reminder that if you are doulaing for a Hypnobabies Mom, don’t expect the normal signs to know how far along mom is!

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  1. What a wonderful birth story! (And as a VBAC-ing, (Hypbirth) hypnobirthing mama myself, I’m especially excited by it!) And the fact that she had a VBA2C at a hospital with a VBAC ban–SO inspiring!

  2. I know this mom! I talked to her throughout her entire pregnancy. They had her so worried, but it looks like Hypnobabies did WONDERS for her confidence and ability to handle the situation. I’m so proud of her, and I’m DEFINITELY trying Hypnobabies next time!

  3. Sarah Faith

    don’t expect the normal signs to know how far along mom is!
    This goes for midwives and MOMS and partners too.

    Everyone talks about how during transformation you will have that moment where you “just can’t do it” or “want to go home” it seems to be a universal experience for drug free moms (my own mother had it) but I never ever got that. I never felt like I couldn’t do it or that I just wanted to go home, I was always fully empowered in my birthing time.

    enjoybirth Reply:

    Good point! I do see with some moms (especially if it their 2nd or more) think they are not very far along, when really they are!

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