This is a situation a mom on the Hypnobabies Group shared with a mom facing induction for low fluid.

I just went through a huge ordeal with my fluid levels. I am 39 weeks today, and my baby has been measuring small. (my other daughter did too and she was 7 lbs. which was bigger than any of myself, husband or our siblings.) Anyways, I had an US last Wed and the baby’s growth had looked to have slowed by quite a bit. My fluid levels were 8…not a concern. I had a bio physical profile (in depth US) and non stress test done the following day. Baby was perfect. However, my fluid was at 4. Scared me.

I am planning a homebirth, and this just didn’t fit in with that. I had to stay overnight with IV and get retested the next morn. My levels were at 5. Still low, but not an emergency. I refused to make a decision that day, as the baby was doing fine. I went home, didn’t get off my bed, Visualized fluids filling all around my baby, and drank all the water in sight. I went back the next day to retest, as well as retest for her size (different US tech. much more thorough.) My level was at 11 ! Also, the baby showed to be a week and a day bigger than the previous US three days prior. That meant her growth was completely normal all along. I just feel that you really need to ask questions, and go with your gut. My gut was very vague because of all of the fear, but I did know that Today is not the day for me to decide. Unless it’s an emergency, you have options! You will do what is best and what you are most comfortable, just regroup and trust yourself. Hope that helps a little.

I asked this mom if I could share her experience on my blog.  Here was her response:

Sheridan, please do share my story. I would love to encourage women to use their instincts. I will admit that they almost had me. I had a lot of fear that was blocking my ability to trust myself. And like I said, my only gut instinct that was kicking in was that Today is not the day to make this decision. I had a c-section with my first daughter, so if I had to resort to a hospital birth, they would not induce me. They just wanted to repeat c-section. That definately didn’t make me happy, as I am planning a homebirth. I am so glad I trusted myself, and just as much, didn’t trust that their technology is always correct. I went from a very high risk patient to a non issue in one day.
Good luck,


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  1. Good for her!

    Thanks for this, it’s a good one to share with other moms when this issue arises.

  2. I’m having fears over this as well, even though i’m no where close to that kind of monitoring.

    Because of the blood thinners, i’m seeing a maternal fetal health doctor. and in the last trimester they’ll want to do lots of ultrasounds and 20 minute monitoring on the fetal heart tones.

    all this seems like over kill. and i’m afraid they’ll find “something” and will want to induce me immediately. i’m not used to all the technology surrounding a pregnancy. having had two homebirths (and not being labeled high risk) i had about one ultrasound to know the gender.

    this pregnancy is new and exciting since we’re having a girl. but scary at the same time.
    i’m doing lots of fear release. LOTS.

    enjoybirth Reply:

    The good thing is, you know a LOT about birth. You also have amazing intuition and will know what is best for you and your baby! Hugs!

  3. 🙂 They wanted to induce me 11 days before my due date because I had a 2.7. I increased my fluids to a 10 and went into labor spontaneously the day before my due date. My son was born right when he should have been born- on his due date. hehe

    I love stories about women overcoming low fluids.

  4. All pregnant women as well as their health care providers must keep in mind that ultrasound exams are notoriously inaccurate for predicting fetal weight. The ultrasound gives an estimate of the weight of your baby, but this estimate can be off a pound or more in either direction. It is not advisable for most women to make decisions about induction and planned cesarean section based solely on estimated fetal weight.

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