This is something that no one talks about, it is as if it doesn’t exist, until you get it.  Then it is HUGE to you, but still isn’t imporant to anyone else.

Here is my experience with PUPPS, along with great links and what I felt helped.

The Yahoo Group is great for support too.

A mom recently shared she used Accupuncture to help with her PUPPS.

My accupuncturist had never heard of PUPPP before, but
she saw that the worst areas were on my liver
“pathways” and she treated them this way:

First she used a seven star hammer- a tiny hammer with
little points on the end, and she tapped it all over
me- it’s a little uncomfortable, but not bad and she
doesn’t do it for long.

Then she performed “cupping”  where she uses glass
cups with disposable plastic inserts that are
suctioned on to the worst spots and leaves them on for
only a few minutes.  It’s feels like really strong
suction and you look like you’ve been attacked by an
octopus’ suckers for a few days- but it cleared up
after two treatments!

I have to keep seeing her every week or so to maintain this until the baby is born-but I am itch free and sleeping again.

One, more thing I wanted to add to my posting, is that
my accupuncturist treats pregnant women all the time –
it’s important to make sure the practitioner has lots
of experience, so you know they are cautious and the
treatments are effective.

Having said that- the other great thing about this
treatment is that there are no medicines or steroids
involved and it is completely natural, so you can feel
good about being treated this way.

I would definitely try this if I ever got PUPPS again.   I ended up using medication, as I needed it to stay SANE.  I typically avoid any medication while pregnant, so I am glad to know that accupuncture is an option to try.

Here was another idea.

Homeopathic remedy called Apis Melifica 30C

Hugs to you if you have PUPPS.

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  1. That’s great to be made aware of an alternative therapy. Curious, I wonder if this kind of treatment would work for someone who has cholestasis of pregnancy or intrahepatic cholestasis (ICP)? This is more serious than PUPPS, and just as itchy. My sister had it – and there was hardly anything they could do to relieve the itchiness, but worse yet, was the inherent danger to the baby. Not a fun condition at all.

  2. Wonder if this is what I get. Usually I have an itch on my stomach and breasts…horrible and drives me nuts. Never as bad as you describe, but I’ve had it in probably 4 of my 6 pregnancies (that went term). So far, at 25 weeks, I don’t have it this time. Sometimes I get it when nursing. I thought I developed an allergy or sensitivity to some detergent.

  3. HeatherDoula

    Nicole, I was also wondering if it would work with cholestasis! I had cholestasis with both of my pregnancies and learned SO MUCH by seeing a naturopathic doctor. My second baby never would have made it without that naturopath. Now I’m steadily working on cleansing my liver, in hopes of being able to have a third baby. I would love to share everything I learned, but there’s not enough space here. 🙂 However, is an excellent website and a great starting point.

    I will definitely seek cupping as a treatment!

  4. Pregnancy Remedy

    I had cholestasis with both of my pregnancies and learned SO MUCH by seeing a naturopathic doctor.

  5. This is great news! I, too, suffered from PUPPP. All the Grandpa’s Pine Tar soap, oatmeal baths and calamine in the world wouldn’t stave off the itching. Those all gave temporary relief, but that was it.

    I would say “next time I’ll try acupuncture”, but as you probably know, this pretty much ONLY ever happens in first pregnancies. Whew, we should be out of the woods. But it’s still really good to know to recommend for future clients and other suffering friends. Thanks!

  6. I too got PUPPP around 26 weeks during my pregnancy…except no one thought is was PUPPP because I got it so early. The CNM I was seeing at the time sent me off to dermatology where they took a useless skin biopsy. They eventually prescribed steroids just so I wouldn’t lose my mind but they really didn’t seem to help much. Later, as I was searching online for alternative solutions I found this:
    AND IT WORKED!!! I just bought the soap (not the cream) and it worked wonders. And when a few bars of soap I ordered got lost in the mail, the company sent me a replacement order overnight and for free! 🙂

  7. thanks Sheridan! Just passed this along to a student who is suffering from PUPPPS! Really appreciate you sharing!

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