I will say that I have been on a journey over the past few years.   Because of Bryson’s birth,  I became a doula and Chidlbirth Educator.  That has changed my health for the better.   I have opened my eyes to what health is and how I need to be more in charge of my own health.

It is a slow journey, but here are some of my steps along the past 4 years and the changes I have made since Bryson’s birth.

Questioning medical authority: When Bryson was 12 months his Pediatrician said he wasn’t big enough and it was pointless to nurse him anymore. There was no benefit to it. Then he tried to tell me Bryson might die if I didn’t give him the MMR vaccine at that visit. (I have chosen to space Bryson’s vaccines out, rather than give them on the “normal” schedule.  I wanted to wait until he was 3 to give it.) I used my Bubble of Peace and stuck to my decision.

After leaving and thinking about the appointment, I changed my pediatrician.  I knew as a doula that I deserved more as a consumer.  Talk to me, tell me the pros and cons and then let ME decide. I am the mom and can decide what is best for my kids! Medical Care Providers should respect that!

As a doula, I also see that care providers do NOT always practice evidence based medicine and it is the consumer’s (us) responsibility to gather information and make educated and intuitive decisions.  What is best for our family and situation.

Chiropractic Care and Supplements: Another big change in my life was meeting Dr. Jen. She is a fellow Childbirth Educator and she took my Hypnobabies Class with her 3rd baby. I am so glad, because I got to know her better and started going to her.

Her belief that our bodies want to be healthy, that medication shouldn’t be the automatic answer.  Look at diet, what else is going on, etc.

When we were heading to Cancun a few months ago, my Mom was freaking out about Swine Flu. I asked Dr. Jen, what things can we do to help prevent getting it? She gave me some natural supplements, which we all took during our trip and we stayed healthy!

Exercise: I have never been a big exerciser. EVER. I have been walking off and on with Jenn in the mornings for about 18 months and it is great when we do.   I would like to do this more consistently next year.

Healthy Diet: This is probably the slowest part, but I have made much improvement in even the last year.

I used to drink soda on a regular basis. I used to eat M&Ms every afternoon and a big bowl of ice cream every night. I did this for YEARS. I rarely eat vegetables and we eat a lot of processed foods as a family.

I weaned myself from soda over a few year time period. I got myself down to one can a day, then 1/2 can a day, then switched to caffeine free 1/2 can a day to maybe a soda once a month. (Have been that way since getting pregnant with Bryson.) As a family rule the boys can only have 1/2 can on Saturday (our soda day) Saves lots of money at restaurants and so healthy not to drink it.

About a year ago I got really sick with a stomach virus. Somehow that helped me get off the ice cream every night. I think I have Candida issues, so I really have to avoid too much dairy and sugar, or I get very Yeasty. So ice cream I maybe have twice a month. Family rule Sunday is Ice Cream day. Though I pretty much skip it. I will sometimes have a bowl at night when I have a sore throat.

The M&M habit, I substituted trail mix in the afternoons. Which wasn’t too much of a sacrifice. I get my chocolate fix and with the bonus of some raw nuts. 🙂

So I feel like I have done pretty good in getting rid of the bad things, but can’t seem to get the veggies in and we still have lots of processed food. I don’t really like to cook or even know how to efficiently do it. So that is a huge stumbling block.

I read this very interesting and eye opening book called Disease-Proof Your Child: Feeding Kids Right

It really opened my eyes to the importance of eating healthy. But the big question is how to DO it. Frankly the book made me want to, but I couldn’t figure out how to implement it easily.

I was praying and researching and I now feel like I should try Green Smoothies. Blending and drinking Veggies. Sounds yummy? I don’t know. I’ll be trying it soon!   I found the Green Smoothie Girl 12 step program and I am going to try it for 2010. I will update every month as I move along the steps. If I do them all, think of how much healthier we all will be in 12 months!

Special thanks to

  • Jenn who asks me questions, tells me I am crazy, but still loves me. It makes me really think about what I am doing and check with myself to see if it is right for ME.
  • Dr. Jen who is a GREAT resource.
  • Valerie a friend who does things naturally and helps me not feel crazy!
  • My husband who pretty much never complains about what I feed him or what new things I try.   “Take these supplements dear.”   He replies, “OK!”

I feel that educating myself and empowering myself with a natural birth, helped open my eyes to the power I have in the health of my family.

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  1. I just went to the library today and got Disease proof your child. I also think my birth with Ashelyn and Irelyn contributed to a life style change as well. Love the post!

  2. I love green smoothies! That is a great way to get in some veggies. Check out http://www.happyfoody.com and then look for “green smoothies” in her topic list – she has some great recipes and even a video of her making one. She got a lot of her info from green smoothie girl too.

  3. Stephanie Knol, CD(DONA)

    Hey Sheridan! I was reading your blog post, and thinking, “I should tell her about Green Smoothie Girl” because I’ve been hanging out at Belly Sprout in Fullerton a lot lately (and they’re into her), and then I kept reading and saw that you already knew! So now I’m gonna check on the link to the website and see for myself. More veggies for 2010!! Here’s a link to an AMAZING kale recipe. So so so yummy!!

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