What to Expect Movie

Wow, this could be a scary film.  What message is it going to impart to women?  If it is like the book, it will not be empowering to women at all.

I think almost every pregnant woman in America owns or at least knows about this book.

I wish moms would throw this book in the Garbage!  What should they read instead? Here is my review of a perfect pair of books to replace this one.

Here are some other bloggers thoughts on WTE.

Bellies to Babies


The Unneccesarean

Maybe the movie will show how being an informed consumer and making choices about what is best for you is the way to go.  Maybe it will highlight moms having wonderful natural birth experiences.  Maybe one will use Hypnobabies!

Hey, a doula can dream.

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  1. I’m actually frightened at what this movie could do…. Not sure if I’ll be brave enough to watch it or not. I usually end up yelling at the TV when I try to watch mainstream pregnancy productions. “The Dummies Guide to Pregnancy” video series was bad enough…. blechhh.

  2. I find comfort in knowing that other people dislike that book. When I found out I was pregnant I had three women give me a copy of it! As someone who studies nutrition I read chapter 4 first on the Best Odds Diet. It felt like they were using scare tactics to get me to eat well… and the section on “Every Bite Counts” that said to “Put your fork down” if you are just eating to appease your sweet tooth made me laugh. Eating a balanced diet is really important in pregnancy… but the occasional indulgence to cravings should not be looked upon as “bad.” I never picked the book back up. I agree that a movie based upon this book would be unhelpful to many women… and from the tone of what I read, it might feel more like a guilt trip.

  3. It should be interesting. If nothing else, maybe it will scare women enough to look for alternatives…

    enjoybirth Reply:

    That is a good point!

  4. I commented. At least the comments are good, too. Hopefully most people will read the comments and NOT read/watch.

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