Pitocin – Why Won't they do it Slowly?

March 4, 2010 in Birth, Birth Care Provider, Birth Stories, Choose Wisely

One thing that I suggest to my doula clients facing induction is to ask their care providers if they can turn up the pitocin SLOWLY.  Even turn it down once pressure waves have started.

I know that this is possible.  Here is a great post from Birth Sense about a hospital based midwife who does just this.  I have seen it done for some of my doula clients.  It is a nice way to make an induction more gentle and enjoyable for mom and baby!

Not all care providers are open to this idea.  Why not?  If mom and baby are doing well, why not go slowly?

Anyone care to comment?  I really want to understand.

A Labor and Delivery nurse posted about a recent experience when a mom requested this.  The midwife told the nurse to not tell the parents when she was turning it up.    I am so happy that this nurse didn’t do that, but how many do?   Her post made me so sad and mad at the same time.

Why won’t they do it slowly?

It lets me know how important it is to talk to care providers EARLY about their induction routines.  If they are not open to upping it slowly, then that probably says a lot about their induction attitudes, and their reluctance to move outside of their routines.

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