Cytotec, Misoprostol, Miso – different name – potentially bad stuff!

March 9, 2010 in Birth, Hypnobabies

Science and Sensibility’s Blog has done it again.  They have explained why the ACOGs approval of using Cytotec to induce labors is NOT evidence based.

In Hypnobabies class we teach moms the risks associated with cytotec/misoprostol/miso and I encourage my moms to ask NOW if their care providers use it, after I had a mom who didn’t find out until the day an induction was necessary it was the ONLY cervical ripener available from her care provider.  That is a tight spot to be in.  Knowing a drug isn’t always safe, but finding it is the only option.

Some care providers are now saying, “ACOG says it is ok.”

This blog post explains why even though ACOG says it is safe, the research and peoples experiences show that it isn’t ALWAYS safe.

Moms should be informed of the possible risks and given a choice of cervidil or foley bulb which are proven safer.

What is frustrating is that some OBs refuse to let a mother choose to have a VBAC because of the increased risk of complications, but find it acceptable to subject other mothers to the increased risk of Cytotec.

Is it because of time and money?

It takes more time for the OB to attend a VBAC then do a repeat cesarean.  They make more money with the cesarean too.

It takes less time for an OB to use cytotec than other cervical ripeners and it costs much less money.

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