There was a Dinner Friday night honoring some amazing birth workers!  I went and the food was amazing and the honorees and speakers were great.

Dr. Fischbein – OB who supports moms CHOICES!

Dr. Fleiss – great pediatrician who supports moms CHOICES!

Marilyn Milos – intact boys advocate – she made me see very clearly circumcision is an un-necessary cosmetic surgery we do to baby boys when they are days old.  a COSMETIC surgery!  Crazy when you think about it like that.

Gloria Lemay – amazing normal birth advocate in Canada

Sarah Buckley – amazing normal birth advocate in Australia

It was a lovely dinner and I learned a lot.  I loved the ladies I sat with too.

There was a Lunch on Sunday

I got to sit at Gloria Lemay’s table and get to know her better.  She is on the Independent Childbirth Yahoo Group I am on.  It was inspirational talking with her.  🙂

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