I probably shouldn’t have favorites.  But I will say when I read this review, it made me cry.  This was exactly why I wrote the book, to support ALL moms!  Not just ones wanting a homebirth or even natural birth.

ALL moms deserve to enjoy their births and I wanted ALL moms to benefit from my book.  So when I got this comment from Katie, I was happy to see that I achieved that goal.

Katie – mom to 4 (1 set of twins)

I read your book and it is wonderful.

To be honest, I was hesitant to read it because of my own ignorance!  I thought that someone who felt strongly about home birthing would think that all other avenues of birthing were bad (yes, my own ignorance!).

I had a c-section with my past two births and a vaginal birth with my first. I felt less of a mother because I had to have a c-section with my boys and I had gotten kind of defensive about having to do that and have just come to terms with my children’s birth journeys in the past little while.

Anyway, I love that you focus on intuition and having a birth plan but being flexible.  That is wonderful advice to all expecting mothers.

I also love that you are “diplomatic” and respectful of peoples birth options.

You have so much great advice and information packed into an easy-to-read book.

Sometimes the pregnancy books are so overwhelming that it’s nice to read something that can be read in a half hour and then you can read it again and again.

I didn’t know that so many of your home birthing strategies are not only appropriate but helpful in a hospital setting as well. I think I thought of home birthing as a “crazy thing I would never do” BUT the relaxation techniques, breathing, and empowerment are all things that are applicable to all birth options (even a c-section).

I, and a think a lot of other women, get defensive about birth and we forget that all options have their pros and cons like you said. We just need to talk with each other in a respectful way and we would see the good in it all. I’m preaching to the choir but I definitely need to do that!

I have to say that I really respect how respectful the book was. It was a great read!!

Thanks Katie for sharing your thoughts.  It really made all the work it took worth it.  Even if you are the only mom I touched, it was all worth it!

The Top Three Tips to Enjoy Your Birth.

I will be posting some of the reviews I have gotten over the next few weeks. If you read it and want to send me your review, I would love to share what YOU think!

Download your own copy, just click here!

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  1. Loved her comment! I feel like your book can open the door to knowledge about birth to ALL women in all different circumstances.

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