I am apparently all excited about these fun blog challenges from Twitter Mom.  I actually won a $50 Target Gift card with my post about organization the other week.  So here comes another post.

But this I will make Pregnancy/Birth Related, because that is what I do best!

  1. Take time to relax each day (Hypnobabies is great for this).   Relaxing a little every day helps keep your stress level lower = happier and healthier mom
  2. Learn about your birthing options – what are the best choices for you and your baby?   This will lead to a healthier birth = healthier and happier mom
  3. Choose a Birth Location and Birth Provider with a low cesarean rate.  This will lessen the possibility of an unnecessary cesarean = healthier and happier mom
  4. Eat lots of protein.  It is good for your growing baby and helps you have energy to do the things you need to do = healthier and happier mom
  5. Drink Tropicana Orange Juice.  OK, shameless plug. It is Important to stay nice and hydrated with water and  juice is another healthy liquid.   Your amniotic fluid replenishes itself every 3 hours – so it is important to stay hydrated! = healthier mom
  6. Listen to pregnancy affirmations each day. (Hypnobabies CD)  This will help keep you in a positive state of mind which equals a happier mom!
  7. Use your Bubble of Peace (Hypnobabies tool) to help keep things positive in your mind about your pregnancy and upcoming birth = happier mom.
  8. Read lots of positive birth stories, to get you excited about your upcoming birth = happier mom.
  9. Do 10 kegals each time you pee.  Easy to remember and = healthier mom
  10. Drink Green Smoothies – More veggies, easy snack = healthier mom

Bonus Tip! Read The Top Three Tips to Enjoy Your Birth, it will help you feel happier as you prepare for a wonderful birth!  Download your free copy here.

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