Thing 2 (age 9) and I just watched this video called Birth by the Numbers.

He said, “This is long (about 20 minutes) but it is REALLY interesting.”

So if a 9 year old gets it and can watch it,  I think anyone can!

Amnesty International recently spoke out about our dismal maternal death rates.

Sometimes the statistics of the US and maternal and infant mortality get a bad rap.  There are not as many people in those countries, what about all our immigrants, etc.  Well, in this video they go over all that and explain where the US stands and why we are last.

Want to take a guess why?

The overuse of cesareans.  It isn’t that there are more complications, it is that our threshold for complications has gone down, but with WORSE outcomes!

Go watch the video and enjoy!  Thing 2 and I enjoyed it.

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  1. The overuse of C-section? Because babies matter, women don’t. It’s totally acceptable to play the “We need to cut now or your baby’s going to die” card. And variations thereof. I’ve been told “Have this baby now or we have to cut.” I know.

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