I just added these 2 stories to my Big Baby Bull Page.

BOP warning for my Hypnobabies moms. These moms didn’t use Hypnobabies and did have pain during their births, so read only if you want to.

This is a wonderful story of an empowered mom who didn’t let the “threat of a big baby” change her plans for a vaginal birth.

She vaginally birthed an 11 pound 10 ounce baby with no tears. Amazing!

Click to Birthing Beautiful Ideas Blog to read.

Then another Vaginal birth of 12 pound 1 ounce baby!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this story with your readers! I know that my client will be *thrilled* to know that her story is empowering other moms out there.

  2. Omega Christiana Idoko

    thanks for sharing this story, my doctor also tell me that my baby is too big that i can not give birth myself but as i have read ur advise i don’t have any fear in mind again, i know with God i can have my baby peacefully

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