Have your voice heard about formula!

Hello Everyone,

I have been working with an attorney from the Center for Science in the Public Interest regarding infant formula marketing. They are conducting a survey to secure information on formula marketing and purchasing decisions. Would all of you consider passing the message below on to the mothers you work with via your website, blogs, etc. This would really help get a good response back to CSPI.



The Center for Science in the Public Interest is interested in learning about your experience with infant formula marketing.  Please take this survey if you have had a baby or adopted an infant in the last four years. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/infantformulamarketing

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2 Comments on “Have your voice heard about formula!

  1. We shouldn’t encourage moms to give in to the multi-billion dollar baby formula business.

    98% of all moms out there are physically and mentally able to breastfeed, and start their newborn’s life by doing it. There is no good reason to explain why so many stop, except the fact that they experience lack of support and societal pressure. It’s time to enpower women to make breastfeeding a first step in their baby’s life. Breastfeeding moms rule!
    Read what I felt compelled to put together on the 10 things people don’t tell you about breastfeeding on my post at:

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