My oldest son, Thing 1, has dysgraphia, which is a writing disorder.  He is 12 but his handwriting looks like a 7 year old.  I had the opportunity to get a free copy of the Move Into Writing handwriting program to review.   I hope via this blog post, other moms of kids with dysgraphia will learn about this great resource!  BTW, there is an awesome Yahoo Group for parents of dysgraphic kids.

I love how there are a lot of visual cues for the kids to use in creating their letters.  I love how the letters are divided into 5 different sections.  For instance the letters: l, t, k, I and j are “skydivers.”  The first line for l has the parachute at the top and then you dive down through the clouds and land on the grass.  The lines are even colored blue at the top, clouds are the center dashed line and the bottom line is green.  So creative!

The pages are engaging and the instructions simple to follow.  My oldest son is a bit old for this, but he looked through it with me and said, “This looks pretty fun.”    For a child who has used MANY different handwriting programs, that is a great compliment.    At this point we are focusing more on keyboarding for him.

I had my younger son (Thing 3) use the program as he is beginning to learn to write, so I thought it would give me a more accurate view of how a child would learn with it.  He enjoyed the letters and the funny things they do.  For example the letter r:  drops down, bounces back up and onto the rabbits head.  There is a silly picture of this and then a practice page.  We had a fun time making up stories to go along with the silly pictures.

I think this is a great program for helping kids learn to write.  I wish it had been around when Thing 1 was younger!

Click here to see Move Into Writing on Amazon.

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