Who DOES control childbirth?

There is a very interesting article questioning this on MSNBC, where a mom shares her first traumatic birth experience and the different choices she is making this pregnancy.

Who controls childbirth – mom-to-be or doctors?

My observation as a birth doula, is it depends on who the mom chooses as her care provider.  What her OB did to her doesn’t surprise me, but it does sadden me.  Women should not be treated like that.  I have seen care providers like that in action and I have seen care providers who would never do that in action as well.

There are 3 kinds of care providers:

  • Authoritative – Care provider is in charge and mom does whatever he says (or else).
  • Partnership – Care provider and mom are a team and listen to each other with respect and make decisions together.
  • Mother-Led – Mom is in charge, her care provider is there to support whatever Mom wants.

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Some links demonstrating why your choice of care providers is so important!

Love this link about birth plans and the attitude Care Providers SHOULD have about them.

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2 Comments on “Who DOES control childbirth?

  1. The birth story in that article was appalling! I just think the trouble comes when ANYONE thinks they can control birth. The care providers like the horrible one in the story seem to think this is when a woman has a birth plan (or even ideas of what she wants and doesn’t want), like dim lights, no epidural or pitocin if at all possible, etc. It’s so aggravating that some care providers will not accept a woman’s birth plan because “labor is so unpredictable,” yet they obviously have an agenda of their own that truly is harmful. So hypocritical!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I think the medals are pretty and are a great idea! Sometimes respect for the mother’s hard work and courage is in short supply in delivery rooms, and I’m pretty sure one of these would’ve made me feel better when I had my hospital birth three years ago. (Having a doula would’ve been great, too.) A good friend of mine (the one mentioned in my blog post) recently delivered her baby girl via repeat c-section, after laboring all day long until nearly midnight in the hospital. She worked unbelievably hard but circumstances were not on her side. I enjoy working with polymer clay and am hoping to make her a trophy of sorts. She definitely deserves one!


    Absolutely, all moms deserve medals, whether they have an un-medicated birth or a cesarean.

    And I agree the root of the problem is from anyone believing they can control birth.

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