What are the three types of relationships you can have with your care provider and why does it matter?

I was a Guest Poster on The Gift of Giving Life and I answer this question.

Please go over and tell me what you think!

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  1. Turns out I’m stalking you… Anywho- read the 3 types of care provider guest post you did. It was spot on- as a “care provider” (soon to be Nurse Anesthetist), I can say that I strive to be the partnership kind.

    It really irks me to see Dr’s/Nurses not listen to the family at all and just tell them stuff and not let them have a say. It also really irks me when a patient/patient family thinks that they know everything (when they so obviously don’t) and try to change the plan of care because of what they ‘read on the internet somewhere’.

    So you really have to walk down the middle of the road sometimes.

  2. oh- I forgot- the little links on the side of my blog are a wordpress plugin- do you have wordpress?? I’ll email you the name if you do.

  3. EnjoyBirth

    I agree we both need to listen to each other! I definitely fall along the partnership side of the relationships. But a mom needs to choose the type that she feels comfortable with.

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