Breasts are NOT for Entertainment Purposes

August 19, 2010 in Birth, Breastfeeding, Parenting, Pregnancy

When I see the way many women are dressed today, I would have to say that women are encouraged to show off her breasts.

Why in our society, is it OK for a woman to show off her breasts actually inviting attention to them, but it isn’t OK for a mom to feed her baby?

I love the post about Public Breastfeeding at Nurtured Hearts Birthing Services, reminding everyone that you see way more breasts on magazine covers and women walking around at the mall, then you do when a mom is nursing.

Women are getting kicked out of restaurants and stores for feeding their babies and that is wrong!

Let’s compare pictures.

The picture above is of a woman showing off her breasts.  If she came into McDonalds, she may actually get extra special customer service from a male worker.

Here is a picture of me nursing my son. If I was sitting in a chair in McDonalds looking like this, someone may try to kick me out.  This actually happened to a mom last week in Arizona.

Click here to find out about the scheduled Breast In.

Why is this happening?  Why can women show off their breasts in public, but get “in trouble” for feeding their babies?

We have forgotten what breasts are FOR!

How have we forgotten that breasts are for feeding babies?   I guess through years of seeing print and TV ads using breasts to sell things we have forgotten what breasts ARE for.  Feeding babies.

Biologically a woman has a uterus to grow a baby and breasts to feed that baby.

Just because men like to look at breasts, doesn’t change the basic fact that they are on our bodies to feed babies.

Amended to add, they are also entertaining.

My husband reminded me that breasts are also entertaining.

It is fine that men like breasts.  I am glad that my husband is entertained by mine.

It is true that they can be used to sell beer and other products.

It is fine that women are seen by some as useful for only entertainment purposes. (I don’t  think that it is OK and you can bet that I talk to my 3 sons about it and how it isn’t right to objectify women like that… however that is a whole different blog post for a different day.)

Women, stand up for your breasts!

I just want you to stand up for your breasts rights.  Don’t be limited by others expectations.

Break free, join the 21st century and feed babies.

If you don’t have babies to feed right now, then your breasts can stand united with other breasts.

You can tell all women, young and old that her breasts are great just the way they are.  They are for more then entertainment purposes, they are also for feeding babies!

Great Video

I love this video with women (also happen to be famous) who talk about their breastfeeding experiences.  They are honest, it isn’t always easy at first, but it is SO worth it!

Here is a link to many of the places I have whipped my breasts out to feed my babies!

Another great post is Breastfeeding and Feminism: A Top Ten List

What do you think?

Are breasts just for entertaining others, feeding babies or both?

Edited to add I love this post by a Dad who explains his thoughts about breastfeeding!

First Photo is by Miss Pupik
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