I downloaded this app to see what it was like.

From what I can tell with playing with it, it is a way to see how your baby is growing week by week with a “tidbit” for every day.   Such as how big the baby is, how much the baby is moving, etc.   There is a place to put important phone numbers, your next OB appointment, keep a journal and take notes. Those are some useful tools.

I will admit that I look for specific topics when looking at pregnancy information in books or apps, this gives me a feel about their overall feelings about birth.

What do they say about doulas? This app has supportive information about doulas.

What do they say about inductions? It says “social inductions” are controversial. 🙂  It lists some good , valid reasons for inductions, such as pre-eclampsia.  It says doctors generally don’t let pregnancies go on indefinitely, so usually want to induce around 40 weeks.    So it has some good info, but the 40 weeks bugs me, while true many OBs don’t want moms going past this, 42 weeks is the time when statistically the placenta starts to deteriorate. So I feel like moms if they just used this app, wouldn’t ask additional questions if their OB suggested induction at that point.

I couldn’t find any mention about VBACs but some reference to cesareans = future cesareans. As a VBACtivist, this is disappointing.

The thing that really bugged me was the position of the baby in the pictures. They were really cool looking pictures and very lifelike which was great.  BUT it has the baby in a breech position!  I am all about how powerful visualizing is.  So if a mom sees this picture every day  and the baby is in a breech position, how might that effect the position of her baby?

Overall, this is could be a fun app to keep track of your baby’s growth and development.  But please educate yourself with more information about inductions and VBAC.  AND please remember when you look at the picture that your baby is HEAD DOWN!

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