Baby Bond Review and Give Away

I loved nursing in public and frankly didn’t use a blanket or a cover of any kind.  There were a few times when I wish I had something, especially when I had a dress on and had to nurse from the top.  This tended to be only on Sunday and  I would go to the nursing lounge and dealt with it there.

Baby Bond Covers You, Not Baby

Well, if I had known about Baby Bond I would have had a solution! This is a nursing sash that allows moms to nurse discretely without covering up the baby.  I will admit I am a bit biased against the blanket or other “hiders”.  It seems silly to me to hide the baby and frankly my boys did not like being covered while nursing.  I liked to be able to see them and interact.

Baby Bond solves this issue and is a great product.  The material is really nice and it is comfortable and easy to use.

I showed it to and let some of my currently nursing friends play with it and they liked it.  But no one wanted their picture of them nursing on my blog.  So the picture on the left is from the Baby Bond website.

Nursing Tinky Winky

Since I don’t have a baby to nurse, I thought I would have Thing 2 take my picture “nursing” a doll.  But I couldn’t find a doll, with 3 boys those are fairly scarce.  I could only find a Tinky Winky.  Thing 2 did take a few pictures, but frankly they didn’t really capture the essence I was hoping for. It did give me a small flashback to my friend who posted about Nursing Johnny Depp. I think she chose more wisely than I and she was wise to have no photos to prove what she did.

I have a button down shirt on, unbuttoned and you can’t really tell because Tinky Winky’s head is so big, but The Baby Bond covers me well and Tinky Winky doesn’t have to be covered! Hmm, this would have looked much better with a baby.

Your Chance to Win

I am going to give away this Baby Bond Flex that I got to sample.  It is a Chocolate Brown color and I am pretty sure it is a size 2.  It also comes with a removable burp cloth.

Here is how to win!  There are quite a few different ways.

Here are all the ways you can get entries:

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