Texting and Facebooking your Way Through Birth

December 1, 2010 in Birth

At Your Cervix had a post about Personal Electronic Gadgets during Birth.

I have been a doula for over 4 years now and I can say that for the 1st year I never saw this.

Then I had a birth where Dad was busy working on his laptop during a good portion of the birth.  While we were at the hospital.  That was odd to me. I think the mom expected something like that to happen and that is why she hired a doula.

More and more personal technology started creeping into the births I attended.  None seemed as invasive as that Dad doing work, but the use was more noticeable.

Then I had a Hypnobabies student who moved out of state. She blogged about her birth as it was happening, then her DH took over with updates.  It was a long birth and I remember just being so anxious about getting updates.  I was so nervous she was going to end up with a cesarean. I think I even posted a comment with ideas of what to do?  I kept her in my prayers and kept checking in.  Finally the final  post, her baby was born vaginally!  I was so happy that the kept everyone updated about her birthing journey.  I could understand the coolness of it.

I find that about 1/2 of my clients (mom and or dad) use some sort of personal electronic device during birth.  Posting updates on Facebook, sending off texts, calling family with updates.  If you count apps like Contraction Master then I would say more like 4/5 of them.

I am still torn about the whole issue.  I can see why parents want to do this.  I can see why family and friends would enjoy it.  I think if it isn’t distracting mom or dad then it is OK.  But I think it is so important to be IN the moment.  Can you do that as well when you are busy texting or tweeting or facebooking about  it? Or worrying more about how you look then enjoying your new baby?

Birth Workers:  What do you think?

What percentage of parents do you see using personal electronic devices?  Do you think it distracts or enhances their birth?

Parents:  What do you think?

Did you use personal electronic gadgets during your birth or are you planning to?  Do you think it distracted or enhanced your birth?

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