So there is no Sunday Surfin’ today because I was gone from Saturday early in the morning until last night and my brain is in a fog.  🙂

Just wanted to say how much I love being a doula and what an honor it is to attend births.

I will say that I don’t like continuous fetal monitoring – just because I feel like 90% of my job at a hospital birth is holding the monitor on, so mom can be in different positions.

I love telemetric monitoring because my VBAC mom was able to get in the tub!  But I will say I need a massage after holding the monitor on while she was in the tub.  20 minutes off the monitor would have been fine.  But with a VBAC mom they are pretty strict about that at hospitals.

If mom  gives me permission I will share her story later.

I love having a “job” which makes me cry tears of joy!  🙂

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  1. I wish you could be here for our homebirth.

    EnjoyBirth Reply:

    That would be so awesome! I am sure there are great doulas there. Are there any Hypnobabies Instructors in your area?

  2. sounds like a nice VBAC.
    for most of my VBACs the only time the attendees have been insistent in monitoring is during pushing. this last vbac? i was monitored for 20 minutes every hour and nothing at all after the last 20 minute strip and birth. They got the strip, asked for a little longer, I declined, got out of bed, walked and danced, started pushing standing next to the bed, told them to call the OB, spend a couple contractions kneeling on the bed, sat back on one hip, pushed twice and had my baby. it was awesome!! honestly, anyone watching my birth would never know that I was a VBAC. no fear or apprehension, no one behaving like my uterus was a ticking time bomb. 😀

    EnjoyBirth Reply:

    That is SO awesome. In our hospitals here they like the continuous monitoring for VBAC moms. We had a bit of a break during the tub, but the nurse came in and said, we need to get a reading on the baby or she has to get out. (We were in the tub for over an hour) so I tried holding the monitors on and bought more time. 🙂

  3. Saddleback has tubs to labor in. You can’t birth in them, but you can labor in them!

  4. Stephanie Knol

    Wow! What hospital has tubs available?!! That’s really cool!

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