On the way to see Dr. W.  (OB)  Questions for her.

  1. When can I drive?
  2. Why did it happen?  What happened?  Cord Results.
  3. When will I feel normal again?
  4. Back Pain?
  5. Tylenol instead of pain pills?  Tylenol OK for Breastfeeding?
  6. Eating – get tired and hungry, etc.
  7. How do I know if I am doing too much?

Should feel normal in 6 weeks.

Apgar 6 and 9

Gasses showed that it was acute –  So there shouldn’t be long term effects.  The first 24 hours he had no problems and that is a really good sigh.  We had no problems.

Will go back to see her in one week.

Called Special Care Nursery – Ellen is his nurse today.  She said he is 4 lbs 1 oz today and we are going to feed him his 11:30 feeding.

Went to feed T1 his 8:45 feeding.  He ate 28 ml, almost an ounce!  🙂  He slept through his feeding but ate pretty well, even though he was sleeping.  He takes after his Dad that way.  🙂  (Rob likes to sleep)

Dr. H. is the neonatologist.

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