Very special day.  T1’ss first full day at home and Rob’s 30th birthday!  Last night I was exhausted by 11 PM  I went to bed and mom fed him a bottle of breast milk at midnight.  He spit-up a lot of it.  I breastfed him at 3am and again at 5am.  I woke him up at 8am to feed him again.

He has had 3 wet diapers so far today.  He is busy sleeping in his cradle.  He looks so tiny in there.  He sleeps good.  He makes lots of little noises and we hear all of them with him right next to us.  I am sure I will learn to sleep through it.

I made a Dr’s appointment for him tomorrow.  We got home around 9:30 last night and Rob made it home around 11:15.  He is going to try and take this afternoon off or part of it.  He will also try to come to Dr. apt.  (Rob got tomorrow off –so he will make it.)

It was so wonderful to have him home!  It felt so good.

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