Why am I a doula?

There are times when being on call (the only part I don’t like about being a doula) gets tiresome.  Never being able to commit to things.  Needing to be free to leave at any given moment for a birth.

But as soon as I am at a birth, I remember why.

It is such a miracle to be there when a baby enters the world.

It is an amazing miracle.

I also love seeing notes like this on my clients Facebook pages.

It’s official: Crosbi  was born practically smiling Sunday the 16th at 1:58 am – 8lbs. 15oz. & 19.75″ with the help of proud Chris, my awesome Midwife, Lindsey and the most incredible Doula, Sheridan.

It was the fastest birth I have ever been at.  Yes, even faster then the time my clients car was towed, I had to drive them to the hospital and she had the baby minutes after arriving.

Faster then that! I will post Crosbi’s birth story in a few days!

This post was inspired by Birth a Miracle Services who is doing a give away.  She asked, “Why are you a doula?”

To be a small part of a huge miracle.  :)

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4 Comments on “Why am I a doula?

  1. I love the phrase, “to be a small part of a huge miracle.” Birth is so amazing. I would imagine that you feel so privileged to be present. What a rewarding form of work!


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