I decided to break this off from my 52 organization post.  Mostly because Sunday is a nice day for me to review the week before and knowing I was going to post this I actually did a Menu Plan for this week!

I am also going to be following a weekly schedule something like this on my blog.

  • Monday – Goal Update and any funny family things
  • Tuesday – Terrific Birth Story
  • Wednesday – Review or Give Away
  • Thursday –  Birth Related Post
  • Friday – 52 Weeks of Organization
  • Saturday – open for either bonus post or a day of rest (this is actually the day I get my Sunday Surf ready, I really rest on Sunday!)
  • Sunday – Sunday Surf

52 Goals Update for last week Mon – Sun

  1. Pray and read scriptures as a family every day. – Happened 2 days.
  2. Family Home Evening (family night/planning and game) Every Week. Yes!
  3. Eat as a Family 3 times a week. – 2 times this week. Not sure how to make this happen, unless Rob actually chooses to get home earlier one work night a week.
  4. Be on time to church each week – yes
  5. Study Scriptures Daily – Listening or reading every day. Still not “studying”
  6. Pray Daily – yes
  7. walk 4 times a week – 3 times (improving!)
  8. Cook healthy homemade meals 3 times a week – 2 times. We even cooked from scratch Chicken Pot Pie with Thing 1 at the helm! He had a cooking camp over the holidays and he made this. So I bought the ingredients and we did it as a family. I actually had fun! 🙂 Thanks to Emotion Code – see goal #23
  9. Make a Weekly Meal Plan – YES!!
  10. Keep the Kitchen Table CLEAN! – No
    our table

  11. Go on 3 dates a month – 1 date so far.
  12. Go on a Hike Each Month – Not yet, were supposed to go yesterday but didn’t happen.
  13. Be active participant in my 3 book clubs (4th on months only when it is feasible) – Yes for 3, I will not go to my 4th this month because they switched nights this month to my other book club night. It is sort of a relief because I didn’t know if I would get that book read.
  14. Teach 22 couples in my Hypnobabies – Have sent out packages to a few potential students!
  15. Attend 5 great births as a Doula – Attended 1. Have another mom due next week and have interview for a potential client in June!
  16. Certified in Emotion Code –Finished DVD and have started practicing on people. I also have been using it in our family far and wide. While we were cooking as a family I was getting stressed out (I usually do cooking) My kids said, “Maybe you have a trapped emotion about cooking!” We tested, I did and so we released it. Once I released it I actually enjoyed cooking. I was amazed.
  17. Loose 15 pounds – Using Weight Release Program – On week 3 of this and enjoying it! You do class 3 for 2 weeks. I had a big break through, but I am saving sharing that for when I do a series on the program, which I need to start soon.
  18. Start eating Green Smoothies – Have spinach in my fridge and it is going bad. Still in there getting worse. I need to get that in the garbage!
  19. Support T1 as he earns his Eagle Scout. Took T1 to meet with a merit badge counselor on a certain merit badge he is working on.
  20. Move all downstairs toys – upstairs and come up with new system to keep downstairs clean – Have moved most upstairs, trying to figure out new system.
  21. Volunteer 50 hours a school year at boys school – Have been doing about an hour a week.
  22. Follow the Spirit when making big decisions (little ones too)- Had a good opportunity to do this this week!
  23. Be patient with my Three Things and Rob too.
  24. Read 24 books and review them on Good Reads. I have read 3 books so far.
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  1. I LOVE your goals! Such a fantastic list – I think I may have to copy some of your ideas over to my list 🙂


  2. Wow, you are doing amazing! Keep up the great work and good luck with that kitchen table!

    EnjoyBirth Reply:

    That table is going to probably be the last one I conquer! The whole family uses it as a dumping place.

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