With all of these breasts everywhere selling things and attracting attention,  girls tend to not be happy about their own breasts.

Girls are getting Boob Jobs for their High School Graduation presents!  We need to start teaching girls that breasts are more then for attracting attention.

Other grown women are saying things like:

(from Dou-La-La’s Blog) And many of you have no doubt heard about Bethenny Frankel and Rachael Ray dissing “public breastfeeding” (which is in itself a bit of a problematic term, just like ‘extended’ breastfeeding; both imply a deviation from the norm by virtue of the modifier) a few days ago. Best for Babes reported on the exchange and transcribed this:
Shea: “I’m expecting my second child and strongly thinking of breastfeeding. What are your rules for public breastfeeding, like where is it appropriate?”

Bethenny: “I think, unless you are Pamela Anderson, you shouldn’t be showing anyone your breasts besides your husband and your baby.”

Rachael Ray: “Exactly.”

WAIT, so Women are telling other Women that if you have Big Boobs it is OK, even encouraged to share them with the world, but it isn’t OK to discretely nurse your baby.  These women are perputrating the myth that breasts are for entertainment purposes!

What is this teaching girls about their breasts?  Nothing good for their self esteem that is for sure.

I know when I was younger I didn’t like my breasts.

I thought they were too small.  I didn’t feel very “attractive” with small breasts.  (This was 20 years ago, so I can only imagine the pressure the girls feel now.)

Then I had my babies and I found out that my breasts are awesome!  They made milk and my babies drank it and my babies grew.  Yay for my breasts!

If I had a boob job when I was 18, I may not have been able to breastfeed my babies.  I may have never gotten to this point of loving my body just the way it is.

But doesn’t breastfeeding change your breasts?  No!  This study proves it.

Let’s think about what we are saying and doing and teaching the girls of today about their breasts. Let’s include the important part of feeding our babies.  That IS what they are for.

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