I am part of a Doula Group and we back each other up in case someone has 2 births at the same time.  In 5 years of existence, it has only happened one time.  And it worked perfectly, because my Hypnobabies Student had hired Carole and when Carole ended up being at another birth, I got to go to their birth.  We all agreed it was meant to be.

On Call for a Birth

Well, on Thursday I got a call from one of my other partners, Kim and she had 2 moms who were doing early birthing stuff.  I was on call for the couple who had taken Hypnobabies.

So I got busy.

  • I got things set up for my boys on Friday in case I went to a birth.
  • I let Jenn know I maybe couldn’t watch her kids on Friday (SO SORRY)
  • I got my doula bag ready too.


I talked to the couple around dinner, because Kim had headed to the other birth.  We talked and they were doing fine alone.  So I touched base with them again around 9:30.  They were still doing fine, so I was hoping to get a few hours sleep before they called.

Trying to Sleep

I took a quick shower and got into bed by 10 and tried to fall asleep.  (Not always easy when you know you may be going to a birth, especially this time, when I don’t even know the couple)


  • Kim texted me saying she was done at the other birth, so she wouldn’t be needing me.
  • I texted back, “Great!”
  • And tried to fall back asleep.



  • Kim texted me saying she was heading to the 2nd clients birth, but now another client was starting her birthing time and she may need me for them!
  • I texted back, “Great!”
  • And tried to fall back asleep.



  • got a text that this 3rd couple was on their way to the hospital and that she would let me know when they needed me.
  • I texted back, “Great” (I am an eternal optimist, though I was a bit grumpy to get woken up every hour)
  • And tried to fall back asleep.


7001 New Messages?


I got a text from Kim saying that they were ready for me to come to the hospital.

No more “sleep” for me.


I texted back and asked

  • what number baby it was
  • are they  Hypnobabies Students?

Kim texted back and said, “1st baby. Not Hypnobabies Students, but very into mediation and yoga, very relaxed and awesome couple.”


Ahh, I was wide awake now and a little scared!

I have never been a doula for a non-Hypnobabies couple before!

How did I do?  You will have to check back next week to find out!

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  1. Totally not cool leaving us hanging like that! lol. I don’t want to wait another week *pout*

    *patiently waiting*

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