My first Birth with a Non-Hypnobabies Couple

March 29, 2011 in Birth, Birth Stories, Births Attended, Doula, Hypnobabies

I was the back up doula heading to a birth of a couple I had never met.  To make matters more interesting I had never attended a birth of a couple who hadn’t taken Hypnobabies.  I was more then a little nervous.


I said a few prayers on the drive to the hospital and tried to remind myself of the studies where they found it was beneficial to birthing mothers to just have a woman sitting in the room knitting.  I could certainly be more helpful than THAT.


It was a little strange going into a hospital room, meeting complete strangers and realizing you would be sharing one of the most amazing experiences with them.


I haven’t yet gotten permission to share their birth story, so here is a completely generic run down.

Basic Birth Story


  • I read their birth plan so I knew what they wanted.
  • They were a great couple, worked well as a team and were really nice.
  • It was a fast, pretty easy vaginal birth for first time mom. (I got to the hospital at 3:45 AM and I was back home by 10 AM)
  • Mom did awesome (even without Hypnobabies).
  • Dad was great.
  • They had a beautiful healthy baby.


I will say it was different than the other births I have attended.

  • Mom was yelling “It HURTS” quite a few times.  I honestly don’t get that with my other births.  Not all my moms are completely comfortable, but they aren’t yelling it.
  • It was also weird not to be able to use my normal calming, comforting tools.  (Which my Hypnobabies moms have been practicing for months, so they work great!)
  • But I was still able to help in lots of other ways, in fact it was a great learning experience, because instead of doing what I usually/automatically do, I watched the Mom and followed her lead.
  • I realized I should do that more with my other clients.  Take a step back and watch more before jumping in with a CD or cue.


So overall, it was wonderful and it was such an honor to be there.

However I don’t think I will change my “rule” of only taking Hypnobabies students as clients.  It is easier for me AND mom if they take Hypnobabies.

I also have limited time and like to save my doula spots for my students.




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