Some people felt I was judging the mom whose birth I attended.

Not at all – she did awesome.

I was really curious what it would be like, as it was my “first”

What was I doing?

I was just pointing out the differences I noticed.

I thought it would be helpful for other doulas that have a chance to doula Hypnobabies Moms.

  • It is DIFFERENT. (Here is a link to another doula who attended her first Hypnobabies Birth and her observations of the differences.)
  • I am not saying it is BETTER.
  • I do think it is EASIER for a Mom and her doula if she chooses to use Hypnobabies.

In the end I am really all about supporting a Mom in what SHE wants, after all it is HER birth!

Having said that, I don’t think it is wrong of my to choose to only accept Hypnobabies Moms as doula clients, as I can only take a few clients a year.  It isn’t because I want my job to be easier as much as it is that I want to save those spots for my students who I have developed a relationship with.

Is it about being quiet?


My Hypnobabies moms are not necessarily QUIET during their births. Sometimes they are loud, sometimes they yell.  It is great and normal to make noise during birth if Mom wants to!

Hypnobabies is not about being quiet, it is more about being more calm and comfortable.

I am SO glad I had this experience.

This was a beautiful birth and it was awesome to be there.  I learned a lot from it.  Whenever I attend a birth where the mom is honored and respected it is beautiful.

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