I love the letter B!

It is obvious that I love birth

I seem to eat, drink and breathe it.  I have loved learning about it since I was a teenager.

I love the outcome of birth

– a sweet new perfect little person.

Then the joy of Breastfeeding

– that our bodies can make exactly what our babies need.

I wish I could do it one more time –

  • get pregnant
  • grow a baby
  • birth the baby
  • breastfeed the baby

I don’t know if it is in the cards for our family, so I will continue to enjoy helping others along in their journeys!  (Not the getting pregnant part – but all the others.)

This is part of my A to Z April Challenge.  I thought it would be fun to blog A to Z about birth
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  1. Tori Cooper

    Found you on the “surprise me” navigation button for the A to Z challenge… I’m currently pregnant with my first baby 16 weeks, so your blog very much interests me… I want to go the natural route and have seen some tips that I may find useful! Looking forward to more entries! Tori

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