My favorite breastfeeding pillow has been My Brest Friend.

Believe me, I have tried many different breastfeeding pillows.  I think at least 5.

My Brest Friend has consistently been my favorite

I got one when I had Thing 1, 13 years ago.

I show that pillow now in my Hypnobabies Class, so moms can try it out with baby dolls.  The cover is pretty worn out, but I could still use it if I had another baby.

Travel Pillow

I was excited to see they now have a travel pillow.  It easily inflates and deflates so you can bring it to wherever you are traveling to!  🙂

Here is your chance to win a Brest Friend Travel Pillow of your very own!

You can win one!

There are a few ways to get entries to win your Brest Friend Travel Pillow!

  • 1 entry by leaving a comment saying why you want to win a Brest Friend Travel Pillow
  • 1 entry by blogging about this give away and letting me know.
  • 1 entry by adding the Enjoy Birth Blog to your RSS feed and letting me know.
  • 1 entry by posting about the give away on e-mail groups or bulletin boards and letting me know.
  • 1 entry by liking my Facebook Enjoy Birth Page and letting me know.
  • 1 entry by following me on Twitter and letting me know.le
  • 1 entry for re-tweeting this post nd letting me know.

Let me know which things you have done, leaving 1 comment for each action you took!

Good Luck!

Last entry will be accepted by midnight on May 23rd.

PS – Laci was the lucky winner of the Snot Sucker back in March.
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  1. I would the pillow! I had a Boppy with my first two babies and with how long I nursed both of them … I definitely need something new!

  2. I would love to win this My Brest Friend because 1) I’m pregnant w/ baby #5 and got rid of all my stuff after baby #4 and 2) I could use it for teaching breastfeeding classes after I’m finished for my own use. I had only had Boppies before and didn’t care for the design. My Brest Friend is much better designed.

    Am I qualified to enter to win, since I won a drawing of yours a few months ago? (InJoy $25 g.c.)

  3. I would love to win this pillow in hopes that I will have many babies to use it with!

  4. Angie L., Doula

    I want to win the Brest Friend nursing travel pillow because I have heard so many wonderful things about it! I want to try it out myself on baby next (ttc) and also be able to show clients should they have an interest.

  5. Angie L., Doula

    I have subscribed to the blog (not sure why I hadn’t before!)

  6. Angie L., Doula

    and I’ve joined the site via GFC.

  7. I would love to win this because it’s a way better alternative than the Boppy, since it’s more travel friendly. I would love it for me, but I already manage to nurse my 8-month-old without “props”, but my best friend is weeks away from giving birth and I would love to give it to her!

  8. I’d love to win a travel breast friend pillow, my sister-in-law just had a baby and they’re going to need to fly out to OK for a house hunting trip and then move there all before the end of the summer, add in all the other traveling they’ll want to do before they leave the country I’m sure they’d get a lot of use from it!

  9. I got a travel my breast friend about 5 weeks into nursing and it was a lifesaver!! The travel one works just as well as the regular and is way cheaper and easier to store 🙂 I want to win one so I can give it to a friend in need!! Thanks 🙂

  10. cathymayo

    hi sheridan!
    i recently subscribed to your blog because i was interested in birthing my 1st baby naturally. i stumbled across it and downloaded your free book and read all the great information you have for us moms. i also just received my hypnobabies program last week and have already started! i would love to win the my brest friend pillow because i have also decided to breastfeed. ive heard nothing but great things about this product and we want whats best for our little one!

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  12. i want a travel pillow. i have the original and LOVE IT

  13. all my friends swear by this pillow and i have yet to get one. i am having our third and final child the end of summer and do not want to be nursing with my Boppy . .. AGAIN! i’m sick of backaches and propping pillows just to get comfy while nursing.

    love your site and LOVE LOVE LOVE Hypnobabies!!!!

  14. bonnielucas

    I would like to win the brest friend pillow because I had so many challenges nursing my first born. Months of sleep deprivation, colic, infant reflux and allergies -and many tears – finally brought us the great nursing relationship that we enjoyed until he was 2.5 years of age. When I became pregnant with my second boy 6 months ago, I lost my milk and we had to wean. I know whatever challenges I face with my next, the brest friend will help me.

  15. Love this would be great to use at work when I can bring my little one with me.
    I also followed on twitter, and linked to post on twitter, and followed RSS feed!

  16. I would LOVE this travel pillow. My husband and I live in Melbourne but will be making the trip back to north America to visit grandparents when our wee one is only 6 weeks old. Sounds like a perfect companion for a fifteen hour flight! (ps: my mom is coming here for baby’s birthday so if we won she could bring it!)

  17. I lust liked your fb page 🙂 by the way, I love reading birth stories off your aight as we prepare for our first baby’s arrival. Thanks for them!

  18. Hi Sheridan,

    I’d love to have the breast friend travel pillow, my family lives 1674 miles away and we are in the process of planning a cross country trip to visit with our baby girl. She is 5 weeks old! She is our first baby as well as the first grandchild of my family.


  19. Melonnie

    I have the original Breast Friend pillow and I loved it for my first baby. I actually took it everywhere I went but it would be convenient to have a travel one for our second child due on July 4th! Thank you!

  20. Melonnie

    I “liked” your facebook page!
    Thanks again!

  21. I’d love one! It would be great for being out and about with the babe. 🙂

  22. I’m gonna be having my 2nd any time now and I would LOVE one of these pillows! They look so much better than my Boppy!

  23. I LOVE my brestfriend! I also had a traveling brestfriend (I never leave home without it) and it popped! I need a new one. The brestfriend is a MUST. Was essentially after my first baby (C-section) and also with my 2nd baby (VBAC)…I used it every time a nursed! and it is my favorite gift to give at baby showers! LOVE IT!

  24. I would love to win a Best Friend Travel Pillow! Both my family and my husband’s family live very far away. Of course, we are looking forward to visiting them once our little one is born but we know that little babies need a lot of stuff! If we had a travel pillow as nice as the Best Friend, that’s be one less bulky thing to carry and worry about. I really hope I win 🙂

  25. I’d love a travel pillow! We just booked tickets to our family reunion and have a five hour flight. My son will be 4 months old and Im going to be nursing him still. With my older son I took a hoppy on the plane but it was such a pain because it was so big and there was nowhere to put it!

  26. I would love to win! We are TTC#3. Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. I’m due soon and would love a nursing pillow. I didn’t have one in the past.

  28. I want to win one because I plan to breastfeed and we travel a lot and this would be so great when we have our baby later this year.

    danielleaknapp at gmail dot com

  29. I would love to win because I am pregnant with number 2 and I hope to breastfeed this one as long as my first! It is hard to get a really nice breastfeeding pillow! This one looks great!

  30. I would love to win! Thanks for offering this contest.

  31. we will be traveling with an almost 6-month-old in December, and this would be great for the plane and while we’re at my in-laws! I’m always trying to figure out how to pack lighter. 🙂

  32. I’d love to win one of these because I have a baby due this summer and plan to travel with her–we could really use something like this!

  33. I would like to win this to give to my daughter who is expecting

  34. Twitter follower of Sheridan Ripley


  35. My son is 10 1/2 months old and still is breastfeeding will not take a bottle, will not take a passy, won’t eat unless i’m there, and loves plushy things it would be great to have!

  36. I’d love to win as baby @3 is due in a few weeks, and we will do some traveling. I have an at home one, and LOVE it!

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