I am glad that Rachel did her post with her thoughts on HypnoBirthing and I was able to talk about the concerns she brought up.

Hopefully with my responses you can see that Hypnobabies is a very different program than HypnoBirthing.  It can be frustrating when some care providers think that all hypnosis for birth programs are the same.

A midwife shared her perspective, she was very skeptical of Hypnobabies, thinking it was like the other hypnosis for birth course.  After seeing a few births with moms who used Hypnobabies she now recommends Hypnobabies to her moms.

Once care providers see all the wonderful birthing information Hypnobabies covers***   and then see the moms birthing with Hypnobabies, they realize how moms are WELL prepared for birth with Hypnobabies.

***(Hypnobabies is the only hypnosis for birth program that DONA accepted as a pre-requisite for doulas observing a childbirth class – because it is a complete childbirth class, covering much more than just hypnosis for birth.)

I took HypnoBirthing with T2 and Hypnobabies with T3.  You can read my comparison as a mom taking both classes here.


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  1. I am wanting to order the home study course now. Just for something to show clients I work with. Does that work as well also?

    EnjoyBirth Reply:

    It would probably be better if you just tell your clients about Hypnobabies and let them buy it for themselves. I find that it is hard to lend it out, you don’t get all the pieces back!

  2. Rachel, I used the Hypnobabies home study course for both my births. And it worked fantastic! As long as I did the homework, my practice, and reading and everything, but I was pretty good at sticking to the schedule. And I’m a kind of person that learns very well with just reading. Some people need an instructor, and that better suites their learning style. But you can read my home-study course stories here: http://www.naturalbirthandmothering.com/6/eloras-birth-story/ and here: http://www.naturalbirthandmothering.com/7/maxs-birth-story/

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