I love breastfeeding moms.  They need as much support as they can get. At the CAPPA conference, the last day we had a speaker who talked about breastfeeding.  We are up against formula companies who make billions of dollars a year.  Their marketing campaigns are highly funded.  Who is paying for breastfeeding marketing?

You Can!

Just by breastfeeding in public you are helping. But if you are not currently breastfeeding, is there anything you can do?

  • I found out about the Milk Truck and love this idea.  So I donated some money!  You can donate as little as a dollar.
  • Then I saw the link to the More Business of Being Born, they need support too!  So I donated a bit to them too!
  • Just in case you want a little more lactivism, here is another cool idea.  Milk For Thought, they have a giant pink bus and are going across the country spotlighting breastfeeding.  It looks like they are making a film along the way.  They were not asking for money, so I didn’t give them any.


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  1. My daughter is very active in advocating breastfeeding. She has insisted on nursing when and where she wants since birth. Now I am completely comfortable with it and she has nursed in so many places I feel like it’s my actual job to raise awareness and normalcy! =)

    EnjoyBirth Reply:

    Great point! The babies are advocates too.

  2. Women have been breastfeeding since the dawn of time, and I’m proud of all the moms who take on the task. Its good for mom, and good for baby.

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