Sometimes moms need to have a cesarean.

I want all moms to have a positive birth and I believe cesareans can be positive too.

I am so excited to share with you one of my excerpts from The Gift of Giving Life. 

I wanted to be sure that Moms who read that book, knew how to have a positive cesarean .

Click here to read Creating a Sacred Cesarean. 

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  1. because the obstetrician was SOOOO great. She was so respectful and inclusive of my midwife, who was my emotional lifeline, and let her come into the OR with us. Also the OB talked to the rest of the team, in front of me, about how to support me (a mom who had planned a natural birth and was disappointed to be having all these interventions) best. Now that I’ve gone through this experience as a mom, not just a doula, I know how crucial little things can be — like it would have helped me relax a lot if I could have used some aromatherapy (lavender or frankincense) right before the operation started. I was doing visualization with my partner, but I was scared of being cut. I think anything relaxing would have helped at that moment! Anyway, thanks for the post.

    EnjoyBirth Reply:

    Wow, what a great OB. I wish all moms had such support for their cesareans. I think it would help so much!

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