My Aunt Kathi told me last year how their exchange student had a family tradition of being completely media free for December in honor of Christmas.

I loved that idea, but the boys and DH boycotted it.  It wasn’t worth the fight for me at the time, we were just getting used to being media free during the week.  So I let it slide.

I think I am ready to fight for it this December.

And even crazier, I think I am ready to be media free for a month.

  • I still have to check my, because I get paid to keep tabs on the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group.  And frankly I would miss out on a lot of information if I never checked my e-mails.  But I could do it 3x a week, instead of daily.
  • I also will probably still keep up on my Facebook Pages, as that is “work related”as well.
  • I will also need to finish up the family calendar and make a Christmas card.  That is computer related.
  • But I CAN choose not to blog or tweet for the month.
  • I can choose to not read blogs in my Google Reader.
  • I can choose to avoid media as much as possible.

Ahhh, imagine the liberation.  In the craziness that December means, I think it will be so wonderful to release myself from as much media as I can.

So, I will not post in December, unless anything urgent comes up.

I wish you all a peaceful Holidays!

I will be back for the New Year and let you know how it went.  🙂

If you are new to my blog and want some birthing information – use the search box or look to the resources on the left!  🙂

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