Everyone knows that pregnancy is a rollercoaster of emotions and various other events that can lead to choosing a baby name being one of the last things on your mind! That being said, it is one of the most important decisions that you will have to make, at the end of the day this is the name that your baby will live with for the rest of their life – unless they really hate it and change it by deed poll! So choosing the right baby name can be really tough, but it’s a challenge that we can all rise to!

Pressure from the family?

When we have announced to the world that our baby is on the way, there are a few questions that are commonplace. How are you feeling? How far into the pregnancy are you? Are you going to find out if it’s a boy or a girl? And of course, have you thought of any names? There are thousands of boys names and girls names to choose from. Some people might have thought of a name straight away and there is no challenge at all, others will think long and hard, and might not even come up with a name until the baby is actually born! There can be pressure put on from family to come up with a name so they know what to expect. Some families would like it if your child was named after Grandpa Joe or Aunt Vera, or that they had a middle name that somehow represented the family. It can be the cause of arguments between families and partners, but it is important that you choose a name that you want – don’t choose a name only to resent it a few months later.

Celebrities and their uniqueness!

You might also feel under pressure from the various celebrities who come out with crazy baby names, and names that seem to become increasingly ‘unique’ year in year out. Finding a unique baby names whether they be boys’ or girls names is becoming more and more of a struggle, and with that you could really start to wonder where the inspiration for your name is going to come from. It is important to remember that your baby will be just as happy with a name like Steve as it would be if you decided to call it Zayden, or as happy with Lucy as they would be with Harper! Feeling pressure because of celebrity naming trends is a pressure that you can easily avoid, so despite the challenge don’t put unnecessary strain on your hard work!

Your choice is all that matters

Overall the challenge of naming your baby is one that everyone should enjoy. If you feel pressured by anyone or anything to name your baby in a certain way then make sure you take a step back. You are the person who is carrying it for nine months, so take some time for yourself, sit down and have a good think about what you really want to call your baby. Whether it is a common name, a unique name, or something you’ve completely made up, as long as you’re happy with your decision then the challenge of baby names can be one which you confront head on!

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  1. After experiencing the nightmare of family pressure on baby names with our first, we went undercover – we do not reveal our baby names to ANYONE until the babe is in-arms and the name is signed on the birth certificate. It was the only way to go. We still get pressure, but it’s not as bad. It has become one of my number one resolutions as a future grandparent to keep my mouth SHUT about my kids’ choices of baby names. It causes unbelievable stress.

  2. Birthing Service

    I always advise my clients to keep the name to themselves. People can be unintentionally cruel, and its not fair for the family to be to receive so much grief over something as personal as naming their own flesh and blood.

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    Excellent article. Choosing names for triplets was really hard and had brought some fight with my spouse due to family and implication.

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