This is part of my blog series about what I discovered about how my birth trauma with T1 left many trapped emotions in my body, which had a big effect on how I was mothering.  I was able to release them with awesome massage “therapy”, another great tool is the The Emotion Code


SIMI Night braA few weeks into massage “therapy”  I started doing Yoga. Which is something I had wanted to try for YEARS.  Now I was choosing to and I loved it.

My favorite class is the Gentle Restorative Yoga.  It really lets go of emotions, I usually cry a little and it is just freeing.

I can’t breathe!

So in one of my Yoga classes I realize I can’t fully breathe.  That my right rib/lung area is stuck.  Then I realize it is how I felt after T1 was born.

He was born about 3 in the afternoon and I didn’t get to see him for over 24 hours.  Part of that reason is I felt I couldn’t breathe.  There was this horrible respiratory flu going around when he was born and I was so afraid I had it and I didn’t want to get him sick.  So we waited until I could breathe again and then I went to see him.

In this Yoga class I realized it wasn’t that I couldn’t breathe after I had him.  It was that I was having a panic attack and that was why I couldn’t breathe.

I was so excited to go and see Pam and talk to her about this.  To release this!

Release the Guilt!

So we talked and she massaged and we realized I had heavy, heavy guilt trapped in that area as well as heartache.  This had made it litterally impossible for me to breathe deeply for over 13 years!

Because of that limited ability to breathe, I hated wearing tight things.  Most especially bras.  I have been bra free for 13 years.  It is nice I am so small, so I can get away with that.  But since letting this go, I have been able to add bras back into my wardrobe, when I want to.  😉

My hatred of bras started with a panic attack after T1 was born, which led to me not being able to breathe.

Bad birth = no bras?  

In my case, yes!


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  1. This massage therapy sounds really awesome. So glad you can breathe again!

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