After I had T1 and T2, both Rob and I FELT that there was another baby WAITING to come to our family.  We knew it even when T2 was very small. There was never a doubt we would have another one.

T3 waited pretty patiently.

I felt him hovering about and knew he was there, but I felt no urgency.  It wasn’t until Jan of 2005 in Relief Society watching the pregnant chorister when I felt like “NOW, I am ready NOW!”  (I don’t know if that feeling was from him or me!)

We had been casual with birth control for a few months, but I was now ready to TRY.  I may have actually been pregnant when I got that feeling as he was born in October and I can’t remember what week of January that happened.

I haven’t had that feeling since T3 was born

I don’t feel a baby waiting and neither does Rob. We never have.  Once T3 was born there was no more baby hovering around.  I keep thinking maybe we will feel that.  But with prayer and fasting and wanting, that feeling still isn’t there.

I guess that means we are done.

  • Is it really that simple???
  • What if that makes me feel sad?

I am still pretty open to whatever happens, but since coming to this simple “answer”,   I have let go of the drama surrounding the question of “Are we done?” 

If we are meant to have another baby, T4 will appear.  If he doesn’t then I guess we are not meant to have 4 things.

I am at peace either way.  (Well, honestly if I got pregnant it would probably freak me out to some extent, but I think I would quickly come to peace with it and be very excited.)


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  1. Aw. That has to be kind of bitter sweet. We just started and I don’t feel done yet. We have one almost two year old DD. Before we had kids I thought we might have our first two 2 years apart, but that’s not happening. Right now, I really do want another baby, but I don’t feel an urgency to try too hard. We’re just kind of going with the flow and see what happens right now. It would kind of be cool to feel that, “Okay, now you need to take this more seriously. I’m ready!” feeling. :o)

  2. Jennifer

    I really appreciate this post… because this is exactly how I feel! My kiddos are just over 4, and almost 2 (2.5 year difference)… and I just have this feeling that there is another one. I keep saying I want it to happen next year, so that my son will be about 3yo… and then I want to be done… but I really feel what you are saying, that there is another spirit hovering around us (I don’t think my hubby is that convinced yet, LOL)

  3. I’ve often wondered how others felt about this, it’s something you usually only talk about with your friends, the close ones. I’ve often thought that I would feel done when it was time.

  4. Sheridan,
    Thank you for sharing that. I’m pregnant with baby #6. I just haven’t felt “done” yet. I really thought 3 was going to be it, then 4, then 5, and now 6. I wonder if I have that feeling after this one?

    Shortly before this baby was concieved I continually counted 6 children eventhough I only had 5. I just KNOW this child is ment to come at this time to our family. I sure hope I know, like you do when I’m done.

  5. I get that “hovering about” feeling often too. But my momma heart and momma body are beat! I hope the baby(ies?) hovering about me is/are patient. 😉

    I’m glad you feel peaceful either way. Peace is a great place to hang out.

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